Anton Skornyakov

The web wizard, designer and developer
with passion for simplicity and innovation.


ClickClock is very usable countdown sleep timer. Its interface is controlled by mouse moves, you need just one click to set up and start it.


Flash application for stumbling indie music. Here we have genres filter, history and favourites system. All current stumbles are displayed in real-time in StumbleSpy. All tracks can be bought from Amazon, iTunes store or Payplay. Made in Elro.

Forismatic Mobile

Forismatic mobile clients design for different platforms, resolutions and DPI.

Forismatic Desktop

Screensavers and clients that show the most inspiring expressions of mankind from the Forismatic. I created design and implementation for Windows.


Forismatic is the place where we collect the most inspiring expressions of mankind. It has a lot of ways to read quotations — mobile and desktop clients, lots of web widgets and applications.

StumbleAudio Mobile

StumbleAudio Mobile client for stumbling indie music. It uses Flash Lite and Flash Media Server to play music. Made in Elro.

Dr.Stunt Movie

A short movie created in 3D Max and Reactor. It is rendered in vector to be lightweight for flash intro. This is my first experience in 3D animation.


A redesign for the PayPlay online music store, which was officially added to the Windows Media Online Stores. Made in Elro.

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker application with server-side processing. People can upload orginal mp3 files, apply different effects and then send their hand-made ringtones directly to their mobile phones.

Message Ball

Mobile text messaging system for news and alerts with web interface and web widgets. I created the design and lots of widgets for web sites, Facebook and MySpace. is the system that allows to keep a lists of interesting places on the map. It looks like Delicious but for the map markers.


A promo reel for the EkonomTransStroy (the russian construction company). Made in Terracotta Studio.


TiTimer is the Windows application that helps to measure time aurally. The timer ticks every 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds. You choose the time intervals by yourself.

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